About us

Montserrat Yachting Association is an exclusive international mariners association of over 400 members, mainly super yacht and mega yacht captains and first officers, governed by an Executive Committee of elected members, under the rules and constitution of the association.
Training in navigation and seamanship and all other relevant subjects is carried out by MYA approved and registered training organisations worldwide.
The granting of Certificates of Competence, Certificates of equivalent Competence and other qualifications is overseen by a Qualifications Panel of senior experienced Commercial Yacht Masters who supervise the awarding of qualifications.
The commercial arm of the Association is Montserrat International Yachting Ltd., incorporated and authorised by the Financial Services Commission of the Government of Montserrat, British West Indies.
Montserrat Yachting Association is committed to maintaining the highest standards in qualifications and these are only issued to mariners who either pass the relevant examinations or have the equivalent Certificates of Competence from their own country of birth or residence, and have the required Sea Time and experience. Commercial endorsements require evidence of STCW 95/2010 training.
It is the responsibility of the holder of, or candidate for any MYA qualifications to ensure that the relevant qualifications are acceptable to the flag state of any yacht that they wish to be employed on, and that the relevant MYA issued certificates are the correct documents specific to their circumstances.